PalmsElementary School
6101 Palms Road
Fair Haven, Michigan 48023
Phone number: 810-676-1350
Latchkey: 810-676-1364
Fax number: 810-676-1360
Attendance: 810-676-1366

Palms School Facts

Sep 24, 2015
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Mission Statement: The Palms community is committed to preparing students for their future as global citizens and life-long learners.

Vision Statement:


As teachers we are committed to:

- Providing a safe and caring environment where students love to learn.
- Believing that all students can learn in a positive learning environment.
- Having very high expectations for myself and my students by using a variety of teaching strategies.
- Establishing and collaborating in a professional learning community where we grow as educators.
- Promoting a positive school climate by modeling the principles of being ready, respectful, and responsible.
- Monitoring student achievement consistently through our School Improvement goals and classroom objectives.
- Involving parents and community members in the learning process.
- Using technology on a consistent basis to meet the needs of the students and to communicate with parents and
the community.


Palms Elementary School Facts

Palms Elementary serves families from the city of Marine City and surrounding townships. The southwest boundary of East China School District borders several other school districts. East China School District covers a total area of 122 square miles.

Address: 6101 Palms Rd; Fair Haven, Michigan 48023
Phone number: 810-676-1350 Fax: 810-676-1360
Principal: Michael M. Domagalski
Student Enrollment: 260
Administrative staff: 1
Instructional staff: 17
Support Staff: 6
School colors: Royal Blue and White (Polar Bears) 

School Safety Drills

Palms Elementary School Safety Log 2016-17
Palms Elementary School Safety Log 2015-16
Palms Elementary School Safety Log  2014-15