Riverview East High School
6373 King Road
Marine City, Michigan 48039
Phone number: 810-676-1280
Fax number: 810-676-1281
Attendance: 810-676-1286

Riverview East School Facts

Sep 24, 2015
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Riverview East High School services students from St. Clair and Macomb County. We offer the Michigan Merit Curriculum plus electives which include an award winning art program, film making class, online learning opportunities, physical education, weight lifting, and advanced classes for independent workers. The school year includes three trimesters, 5 classes each trimester for a total of 7.5 credits per year.

Nina Reznich B.S., M.A. - Principal

Type of school - Alternative High School Completion Program

Location - Address: 6373 King Rd, Marine City, MI 48039

Enrollment - 122

The REHS Mission

Mission Statement: Riverview East High School will provide a nurturing learning environment which will promote future success.

School Safety Drills

Riverview East High School Safety Log 2016-17
Riverview East High School Safety Log 2015-16
Riverview East High School Safety Log 2014-15