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13, Jan 2017

Social Studies Olympiad

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Do YOU Love Social Studies?

If you answered YES to that question, then maybe Social Studies Olympiad is for you!

The Michigan Social Studies Olympiad is a fun and educational state-wide competition for students in grades 3 through 12!  MCSS sponsors this great competition in order to increase student interest in social studies education and to provide opportunities for students to gain individual and team recognition for academic accomplishments!  Social Studies Olympiad is comprised of both on-site competitive events, as well as off-site events.  This year, St. Clair Middle will be competing in the off-site events. 

Events include the following:  Historical TV Newscast, Poetry, Poster, Prezi, Essay, Quiltathon

Primary DocumentsJournal, Marathon, PhotoJournalism, Digital Photography & Political Cartoons

The Michigan Social Studies Olympiad Theme for 2017: 

Remember the Ladies: Women’s Achievements, Leaders, and Causes


For more information, please check out the Social Studies Olympiad Website at and click on “handbook” for complete details of each event.  Some of the events are individual events, while others are completed in a group. 


If you are interested in participating in St. Clair Middle School Social Studies Olympiad, please return the bottom of this form to Ms. Nowakowski no later than Wednesday, January 25th.  The students will  then be organized into which events they may be able to participate in.  Ms. Nowakowski will follow up with the students interested to let them know which events they’ll be focusing on.  All events are AT HOME activities and are an optional extension to student learning.  The entries will all be due by March 10, 2017.


Social Studies Olympiad Interest Form

Yes, I’d love to be a part of SCMS’s Social Studies Olympiad Team for 2017!

Name:  ________________________  Grade: ______

1st Hour Teacher:  ________________   Parent Signature:  ___________________

I’m interested in the following events:  (Circle all that apply)

Historical TV Newscast  (individual or group)             Collage Poster              Artistic Poster               

       Primary Documents Journal                 Quiltathon         Marathon (group of 10 or more)

                       Poetry              Prezi               Take a Stand Essay        Storyboard Poster   

            Photojournalism                     Digital Photography                  Political Cartoons Journal

What is it All About?

Current Event Editorial Essay •Students are to write an opinion editorial, in a news format, based on a current event.  The editorial must take the form of a short essay, based on an event or events that have been relatively prominent in news media within the past year.  Students will use a mix of analytical, critical, and persuasive arguments to promote a specific point of view. 

 Quiltathon • Historically, quilt making has been a practical activity, which values diversity and creative expression. Inherent in quilt making is the tradition of collaboration and sharing with many working together for the common good. The Quiltathon will provide students an opportunity to create a quilt block to be judged on its own merits with winning entries included in a quilt assembled for display at this year’s Olympiad.   

Prezi •  Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that opens up a new world between whiteboards and slides. The zoomable canvas makes it fun to explore ideas and the connections between them. The result: visually captivating presentations that lead your audience down a path of discovery. Check it out at    

 Primary Documents Journal • The purpose of the journal is for the student to analyze a historical event through the use of primary documents. The documents do not need to address the MSSO theme.  Only four (4) documents will be used. These documents will be of four (4) different types. These types can include, but are not limited to letters, diaries, journals, receipts, speeches, laws, court cases, newspaper articles, other print materials, and photographs.

Collage Poster •  The background of this poster must be entirely covered with found objects (leaves, miniature toys, photographs, magazine pictures, etc.) or materials that tell a story that fit the Olympiad’s current theme. Creativity in layout is very important.

Artistic Poster •   Artistic interpretation of the Olympiad’s designated theme through one, or a combination, of some of the following: painting, drawings, and use of a variety of material, photographs/pictures. The poster must be titled.

Story Board Poster •  Magazine pictures, photocopied pictures (no more than three and must be colored or painted in), newspaper clippings, photographs, found objects such as leaves, miniature objects, beans, etc., which tell a story that fits this year’s Olympiad’s designated theme.The poster must be titled and pictures, items, etc. are to be captioned with brief explanations.

 Poetry •  Poetry can be of any style, rhymed or unrhymed, structured or free verse with a minimum of 14 lines and a maximum of 50 lines.

Historical TV Newscast •Students are to create, produce, and direct a 10-minute video. This video program is to simulate what a television newscast would have been in the past AND be related to MSSO Theme.

Marathon •  The Marathon event will provide an entire class (or a minimum of 10 students from one class), the opportunity to organize and participate in a long-term social studies project that will demonstrate their knowledge, core democratic values and social participation in their community. The project must have a focus and a purpose.

PhotoJournalism •  The event will allow the opportunity for students to take 5-10 photographs and caption them in accordance with the theme.  The students will mount the photos on the board and include a written 300 word explanation of the photos chosen. 

Political Cartoon Journals •  Students will create a journal after examining current issues that have an impact on our government, political parties, and local, state, national, and international issues.  Your journal will include a variety of political cartoons. 

Digital Photography •  The students will submit one original photograph taken this school year that represents the theme in both digital and print formats.

Team Sports Pictures will be taking place on Friday September 18, after school. Team members will receive a picture form, as well as have the option to order pictures on line using the link below.

Please make sure team members have their uniforms with them on Friday for pictures, as well as their order form.