08, Dec 2013

Our District

The East China School District leads the way in providing quality education opportunities and programs. From academics, athletics, to the arts, high expectations have resulted in great achievements by our students. East China students consistently score well on state and national tests. Students and staff are the recipients of numerous awards. Some of our many notable accomplishments include:

  • Recognition on the AP Honor Roll.
  • Recognition by the Michigan Department of Education for three Reward Schools - Gearing Elementary, Palms Elementary, and Marine City High School.
  • Recognition by the Michigan Department of Education for a Beating the Odds School - St. Clair High School.
  • Recognizing East China School District for its commitment to music education, the NAMM Foundation has named the East China School District to the 2013 Best Communities for Music Education list. East China School District is one of eleven school districts in Michigan and one of 307 school districts in the nation, which has been honored for demonstrating unwavering commitment to music education for their students.
  • High Student Achievement with students achieving above state and county averages on state assessments.
  • Three of every four 2013 ECSD graduates will continue their education at an impressive list of colleges and universities.
  • ECSD Marching Bands consistently earn Division 1 ratings at band festivals.
  • ECSD athletic teams have won an impressive array of State, Regional, and Division championships.

ECSD is very proud that four of our schools have been recognized by the Michigan Department of Education as Reward Schools:

Gearing Elementary
Palms Elementary
Marine City High School
St. Clair High School

Reward Schools are those which have achieved AYP and were also identified in one of the following ways: 1) Top 5% of schools in the State of Michigan on the Top-to-Bottom list 2) Top 5% of schools in the State of Michigan making the greatest gains in achievement (improvement metric) or 3) "Beating the Odds." Beating the Odds schools are those that are overcoming traditional barriers to student achievement and are outperforming schools with similar risk factors and demographic makeup.

Congratulations to our students, staff and parents for working together and achieving this honor!