13, Sep 2016

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08, Dec 2013

Our Schools

The East China School District is proud to provide our students and community with state-of-the-art facilities and technology equipment. In addition to the latest technology tools, all of our buildings have undergone renovations to improve the learning environment for students. The following list represents a sample of what you will find on your visit to our school district:


  • Smartboards, document camera, sound fields, and internet in every classroom
  • Wireless internet available throughout every building
  • Multiple up-to-date computer labs, iPad carts, and laptops
  • A computer to student ratio of 1 to 3.5
  • Flipped and blended classrooms

ECSD is very proud that four of our schools have been recognized by the Michigan Department of Education as Reward Schools:

Gearing Elementary
Palms Elementary
Marine City High School
St. Clair High School

Reward Schools are those which have achieved AYP and were also identified in one of the following ways: 1) Top 5% of schools in the State of Michigan on the Top-to-Bottom list 2) Top 5% of schools in the State of Michigan making the greatest gains in achievement (improvement metric) or 3) "Beating the Odds." Beating the Odds schools are those that are overcoming traditional barriers to student achievement and are outperforming schools with similar risk factors and demographic makeup.

Congratulations to our students, staff and parents for working together and achieving this honor!

Second Trimester students in Monte Iafrate's Biology class collaborated with Visual Arts teacher Jason Stier in exploring our local ecosystem while finding connections between Art and Science. With the help of guest speaker Kathy Johnson from Gregory AD (specialist in diving, underwater art, and videography), students gained a deeper understanding of our local waters while creating a beautiful three-dimensional model of the Lake Huron Food Web.

This collaboration was a prime example of Project-Based learning at Riverview East High School. The project allowed for student-centered learning, collaboration, in-depth inquiry, and real-world applications of what is taught at REHS.

06, Dec 2013

Photo Blogs

Check out the great photo blogs our schools have put together. Photo Blog Album