Kids in summer school

Our Summer Scholars Program and Summer STEAM Enrichment Program was a huge success!! THANK YOU to the teaching staff, our office staff, our paraprofessionals, the kitchen staff, the bus drivers and the custodial staff for their hard work and dedication in making this summer a huge success. THANK YOU to the families for their commitment to ensuring that their children attended the program everyday, eager and ready to learn. THANK YOU to the students for bringing a positive energy and enthusiasm each and every day that made the programs fun for all involved. 315 students attended our programs, from grades K-12.

High school students who attended the program recovered a total of 110 classes (55.0 credits toward graduation)! Way to go!

Elementary and middle school students attending the scholars program spent time engaged in research-based intervention programs and activities with their teachers, including but not limited to the following: 95% Group Intensive Reading Instruction, Mango Mathematics Problem Solving Units, Project Based Learning Opportunities, among many other engaging programs and activities.

Elementary and middle STEAM students spent time engaged in a variety of different programs and activities: bridge building, projectile motion, design and engineering, solar oven usage, marble run construction, race car engineering and design, making homemade ice cream, and participating in a variety of hands-on STEAM activities during the visit from the Ann Arbor Hands on Museum.